Thursday, May 24, 2012

Thursday - Truth is post

Truth is .... These cats of my daughter's want attention - so I am typing with one at my feet and the other on the computer table - jammed between me and the keyboard.

Truth is .... I also sleep - with the original cat on my chest (at night).

Truth is .... It is really hard to type - with hair flying all over, the tail flapping in my face, etc., and one cat giving me love bites on my leg.

Truth is .... The computer program at work is going really well.

Truth is ... I needed more pieces for the wall - when I went to hang. I was afraid - that I had too many. I am hanging the extras - tomorrow, Friday.

Truth is ... Turns out - three of my pieces sold - not two....

1 comment:

Juli said...

Congrats on selling your pieces! So exciting!

The cat always wants attention when I'm typing. You're so much better than me... I just throw him off the bed. Momma needs her "me" time.