Thursday, May 3, 2012

Truth is

Today I got a message from Martha Beck. I get daily messages from a few places and this one really fits into today's Truth is post.

Truth itself is something you live, not something you think.

Truth is .... Even though I could continue on my own - with the truth is posts - I did not. So welcome back - truth is and Juli.
Truth is ..... I am learning a new sales software program at work. We are all learning it.... NO real tutorial - just plunge right in.
Truth is ..... My daugther is off - up north planting trees again - second year. Love it and love her life.... they way it is going.
Truth is ..... I work late tonight - so I close. Hope it goes like yesterdays one - or even better. As the post before this says, not sure I closed correctly last night.
Truth is..... I have 4 pieces accepted to Artcetera and the auction is next week.
Truth is .... Taxes done, now I need to get my butt in gear and get these other pieces finished. We hang May 21.
Truth is ..... My old cat is fine - but not sure how much longer .... may need to put her to sleep. She is almost 20 human years. It is starting to show. The summer will be hot for her.... She sleeps ALLLLLL the time..... Not really cleaning herself..... Time.
Truth is..... They say it will heat up today - AND - they say we will have a thunder storm. Goes together, heat and bad weather.
Truth is ..... I am working on the Lions 35th Anniversary. I will be glad next Tuesday morning - all will be over.

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Not So Simply Single said...

Truth is, when you have a good night's sleep, EVERYTHING looks better! :)