Thursday, May 10, 2012

Truth is

Truth is .... I am teaching my manager - the new program, (that I am learning - at the same time). Admit it Lucy - you are a teacher and he is learning it the correct and calm way.

Truth is .... It is a glorious day - again today and I am grateful.

Truth is ..... The new restaurant is fantastic. They served a soup yesterday - it had chicken, apples, curry, chick peas, Italian parsley, carrots and some more. It was delish..... and so healthy.

Truth is.... I am on the nervous side. Wondering how my art pieces will fair. But I trust only right and good action to take place in my life.

Truth is .... My daughter's cats are missing her. They want so much attention right now and they give love bites.... surprise the heck out of me....

Truth is .... There is so much to do this coming week - but I can see an end to it.

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