Friday, June 8, 2012

Gratitude Post and hopefully more

The suggestion is to - write this over that week - so as to a have a bit of a list for this post. I, as usually have to wing it.

I am very thankful for the beautiful sunny, windy day. It is amazing when the sun shine.

I am thankful and grateful for the physiotherapy that I am receiving for my leg. I should have started it - at the beginning. I did not realize that it is would help. I would recommend it to everyone - who got hurt.

I am grateful to friends for suggesting - the student tent in the summer show.

I am grateful in my quest for wheat free - to find a beautiful bread made with spelt. It has helped.

I am grateful for being able to express myself in my art and my life.

Just a short gratitude list - so I keep in practise.

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