Thursday, June 14, 2012

Truth is....

Truth is ...... The quilting festival was over 2 weeks ago. The quilting squares came down this week finally. One of the staff members got tired and took them down on Monday. On Wednesday the manager said - who took them down - I was going to do that today.

Truth is ...... I have these exercises to do as part of the physiotherapy I am having. My daughters cats want attention. So they are either sitting on the yoga mat, under my feet as I put them down after doing an exercise  Or stretching high on the wall - because that is where my hands are. They are trying to do the exercises themselves - in their own fashion.

Truth is ...... There is a lawyer who became a writer and speaker. I met a lawyer who became a cake maker. Both these women found their past jobs unsatisfying. Both now love their jobs. The cake maker was buying glass cake stands for her cakes. She bought 7 in all.

Truth is ...... There was a great car show on Thursday nights. It attracted a fair amount of people. New restaurant owners, so they decided to have the show on Friday nights. No real advertisement, no signs - Car show (Thursday nights) - now Friday nights equals 2 cars showing up. Not good. Don't mess with a good thing.

Truth is ..... It is time to get to work.

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Juli said...

I think all too often people get caught up in what they should be rather than in what they want to be.

Good for her, leaving the law profession....