Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Buck Moon

Time to create a dream board.

 Jamie over at Full Moon Dreamboard asks us - The Full Buck Moon asks: “What are your most powerful dreams? Who are you when you are powerful?”

This board - just did not want to come. I had one image and no matter how I worded the questions - the other images did not want to come.

Here is my dream board. Just as I thought - I will have one image - the others came.

Which one was my original image.... Which one do you think?
I am goal oriented - little goals and one at a time.
I am soaring.
I need meditation in my life.
I am wise.

By the Way 
all this is being done 
with a cat in my way... 
He has decided he has to be before me on the computer desk... 
so, I am off to the side.
It shows me
Where there is 
a will,
there  is
a way.


SarahVee said...

I like how there's distance - and focus in your images. Powerful. may all of your dreams come true.

Lorinda @ Everyday Endeavours said...

Great board Lucy! I always want to include too many things so I admire your ability to keep it to four images!! May it bring you all that you dream for xx

Helen said...

I love the clarity of your board, and the power of the four images. Meditation is present in my new dreamboard too. May all you dream for come true.

Beverley Baird said...

Love those soaring wings! Meditation too is a greaat goal!
May all your dreams be fulfilled this month!