Saturday, July 14, 2012

Is there enough? - Oprah Magazine

I decided to do a short blog on - the Quiz - from O - the Oprah Magazine.

The answer to the question - Is there enough? - is no, never enough.

We never are grateful enough. Is there enough gratitude in your life? No, not in mine. I find it hard to think of the things that I am grateful for, and most times - I feel I am saying the same thing over again. Boring.....

Here is a list.
- my job
- my car
- my art pieces and when they sell - then I am ecstatic.
- my small goals being met.
- my larger goals - the next one is scaring me.

Here is another person who is answering the Quiz on her blog. - Check it out.

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Juli said...

I am grateful for so many things. But rarely do I write them down. Maybe I should take the quiz...