Thursday, July 12, 2012

Truth is ...

Truth is ... I had some great ideas on what to say and then I forgot them.

Truth is ... I am glad that the hard drive at work was replaced. It makes for an easier day.

Truth is ... One of the vendors wants us to check the records ( vinyl 33's, 78's, and 45's ) with the price tag. He showed me a 78 - from one artist and worth $2.00 and the price tag on the paper cover from another artist worth $4.00. Price switching. My question is - Why do people have to steal? We can be quite busy - and now another thing to check....

Truth is ... I am supposed to be on a "Mystery Tour" as someone at work called it. I have the day off and I just want to have a ME day - doing what I want - not driving somewhere in the heat, and spending money on gas and stuff. I just want to be home and work it that way. But I know - I will be asked - what I did .... I have the answer though. I spend time by the water ( I live across the street from a river ), in my chair, reading ( blogging - visiting blogs, emails and stuff ), drinking some water. I will treat myself to a supper out and end the day at an opening to an art exhibition - at 7:30 tonight. Does not have to know that I stayed home.

Truth is ... I like the above picture. I am part of a group of artists - who are creating a Tarot card. I have the 7 of cups. Making it - scares me. I have all kinds of self doubts. Is my art good enough? Have I taken on tooo much? and more kinds of questions. But I am going for it. I SO WANT to be part of this group and do a card. It is due by the end of the year.

Truth is ... The physiotherapy is helping. But other aches are now showing up. I need to do more of the exercises - so I can feel better.


Janie Junebug said...

I hope you can believe in yourself and know your art is good enough. All you can do is your best, and your best is always enough.


Juli said...

I am always forgetting what I want to put in my truth is posts... so I write them on little pieces of paper.

And then forget where I put the papers.