Friday, August 3, 2012

Dream board

August - Full Sturgeon Moon

Gonna Use My Intuition

I found that I was wondering, really wondering what my Intuition was telling me.

I thought for a while - that I did not know.

There are some words of the song - Intuition - sung by Daryl Hall and John Oates - that I played over and over.

No matter what it takes
No matter what they say
No matter how tough
I'm never giving up

Gonna use my Intuition.

Here they are singing the song.

Follow the path
Colour your own wings
Focus my energy
The direction is not just one way
It is up hill - Success
Follow my heart.

So, my dream board came together.


Anonymous said...

I love your inspiration from the Hall & Oates song! May all your dreams come true! And thanks for stopping by the mountain mermaid.

Juli said...

I always trust in my gut...

Then do all the analytical stuff in my head...

...then revert to my gut. :)

Helen said...

Keep following your inspiration, and thanks for sharing your board!