Monday, October 1, 2012

Full Corn Moon - Vision Board

This is probably one of the quickest Vision boards I have done.

Art - I want to bring this dream to fruition.
I need to visualize more.
GO - Utilize the opportunities I have.
Believe in MY self.


Helen said...

Go, Lucy! If you need to visualize more try to find a daily practice that can help support that, one that you truly enjoy so that you'll repeat it. All the best for your dreams!

Juli said...

I love those pastels... so alive with color, make me want to draw. :)

foxysue said...

The simple solutions are the most effective.

Go make art Believe in You!

SarahVee said...

Love your succinct dreams! May they all come true.

Priscilla said...

How I Love this! Another inspiring photo :)

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Cynthia Gunsinger said...

wow! clear vision! go get 'em!

Lindsay Drya said...

Yes, believe in yourself, you can do it! :) May all your dreams come true.