Thursday, October 11, 2012

Truth is.... Very short

Truth is....

Truth is ..... I was answering the phone at work. I heard myself say the same old/rote thing always said.  “Market Road Antiques, Lucy speaking” - over the Intercom, then I heard the phone ring - one more time. I had pushed the intercom button.

Truth is ..... I went to put the form in the mailbox - to be reimbursed for some medical expense. I had two envelopes, one - a card for my sister and one this envelope. Fully intended to put the form in the box outside of the Insurance company and the other in the mail box on the corner. I saw the card (to be mailed, complete with address and stamp) drop into the Companies box outside their office. So ---- I quickly got the right envelope and wrote on the outside of the envelope - Please mail the card for me - as I made a mistake. It has a stamp on it - so hopefully - they will. 

What are your Truth is ..... comments?


Juli said...

You have no idea how many crazy things we find in the collection boxes outside the grocery store. :)

I once found a tooth in the mailbox.

Janie Junebug said...

Obviously some child thought you were the tooth fairy, Juli. Your mistake, Lucy, of putting the card in the wrong box reminds me of the time we were traveling and we visited a rest stop at about 3 a.m. I watched in horror from the car as Dr. X put four empty soda bottles NOT in the trash, but in a mail box.