Friday, October 19, 2012

Very mixed up post

I have the number 26 - floating around right now. No idea why.

On Thursday I should have participated in - Truth is. Truth is.... I had nothing to say and still feel that I have nothing to say.

- Well maybe I do. Menopause - I thought it had finally set in.... It has not.... (Blank) showed it ugly face this past week and especially - yesterday.

Gratitude - should be everyday.... but I wanted to express it more - and so far ... I have not. So... I suppose.... I am now.

- I am grateful for this beautiful Autumn day.

I got my hair cut - today. Love it.

I applied for a job - here in Fergus.... Retail .... New store and NEW Beginnings. I am excited.

I am grateful for finding the posting and grateful that I was able to apply to it.

Here are some Yarn bombing pictures.

St. George's Square, Guelph, Ontario.

I made about 7 squares

for this project and

took 4 more

from a friend for


Spider webs.....

I made the blue square in the top - right.

Around a tree - cage.

I made the lower right - blue square.

Even used - Pom poms.

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Janie Junebug said...

What lovely photos. Sometimes it's difficult to be grateful, but you came up with some reasons. When menopause arrives, I don't know if you'll be grateful for it. I suppose you will be if you survive the hot flashes.

Janie Junebug