Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wishing Wednesday

On this snowy - lightly - day - I am taking the time to wish.

Jamie asks us, "What 12 Wishes will you wish for?"

 I just might have to come back to this. I am not sure that I could come up with 12.

 - I wish to re-start learning to play the piano. I did this as a child and then again - about 4 years ago. Quit the last time as I felt - that since I was not practising - it was a waste of money.

- I wish to create, create and create some more. I wish to do this many times each week.

- I wish to start walking - without pain - each day - increasing till I am getting the exercise I need.

- I wish to relax more - and not feel guilty when I am doing it.

- I wish to be less hard on myself.

- I wish to continue in the vein that I have and continue making progress with myself.

- I wish to be happy with the progress I see.

- I wish to be satisfied with myself.

- I wish to make the right decisions about things... such as my job, my art, my life.

- I wish to finish what I start. Those UFO's - Unfinished Objects/Projects.

- I wish to shine at whatever I do, and do a good, no great job at it.

- The last wish -- is - I wish to succeed at everything I do. Put my whole heart into it all.

There I did it.... and I am finding that I am being less hard on myself - so one of my wishes is being worked on now.


As you wish for yourself, so also I wish for you.


Cindi Summerlin said...

A beautiful list! I love your UFO's! I have a BTR (Bermuda Triangle Room) of them! As you wish for yourself, so I also wish for Lucy.

Elle Hull said...

As Lucy wishes for herself, so I wish for her too. I can identify with quite a few of your wishes! May they come true!! xoxo

Lara Ledsham said...

Aww thats a lovely list Lucy. As Lucy wishes for herself, So I wish for her also xx