Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Encaustic Wax

Today - I am inspired by Encaustic wax for sale.

As you all know I use this wax in my pieces.

So here is the web site that I love.

Here is a piece that I made. The cracks are made with a product called "Crack".

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Threadpainter said...

Hi Lucy,
I haven't had much time lately to visit blogs due to the fact that Threadworks 2013 was a very time consuming event and I am still exhausted.
But things are getting looser, more time is my own and I'm getting back to doing my own work.
I was reading through tonight and just wanted to say that this image is lovely ... I can see a face coming out of what could be interpreted as mist/smoke on the right hand side ... very lovely ! And I noticed the 'cracks' on a few of the pieces you have hanging in the HAC ... like that effect !