Sunday, May 12, 2013

Dear Past Principal of a School I went to..... YOU failed in your prediction.

This is an open letter to an old principal of mine.

Dear Mr. Lee,
Jubilee School,
Greenfield Park, Quebec.

May 12, 2013

In my last year at Jubilee School, you told my parents - "Lucy, will never amount to anything." This was around 1969.

I have thought about this a lot.

I have written my letter to you - before - on paper. Now it goes to the internet.

I would like to list my accomplishments to you.

In no particular order.

- Mother to two children. And through unforeseen circumstances - twice I brought up these children on my own. Once through divorce - better for all and the second time - through death of the Father of my child.

- Jobs - Bookkeeper, job in accounting payable, Bank Teller, Coffee Specialist, Retail Customer Service for over 15 years, Antiques - Assistant Manager, Teacher, Teacher's assistant, Computer and Office Specialist

- Students in many courses, art, Encaustic, Ribbon flower making

- Artist - who sells her Art pieces

- Volunteer, Organizer
- Blogger
- Friend
- Understanding and Patient
- Forgiving
- Rising above
- Crafting - Knitting, Sewing, rug making - to name a few

- Survivor

Just wanted to say - I HAVE AMOUNTED TO LOTS. I have accomplished lots.

Thank you for reading.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment


Janie Junebug said...

Good for you. I think some people expected more of me than I've done. I hope they don't know I'm a disappointment. I would like to find the principal and a couple of teachers The Hurricane had in elementary school and tell them a thing or three. I'd really rub their noses in the Ph.D. in math she's getting at Berkeley.


Scrappyendings said...

It's amazing what adults say to kids. Good thing we rise about those negative inputs. I am grateful for loving parents who always made me feel as if I could accomplish anything. I am so thankful to have known Lucy in our younger years. To have had the honor of being a guest in her home, knowing her parents and sisters, and for being able to still call her friend. Though our paths have taken different directions, we are still sisters in Christ. I love you Lucy, and you are truly an amazing woman, friend & mother.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I'm not sure if my comment on your posting went through, and I want to say, I'm very proud to be your sister-in-law, and think you are amazing and loving person! It's very sad that adults don't realize the impact their words have on children, isn't it? The impact is profound and long-lasting, even if the ones you say those things aren't worth it! Brave posting, and hope it's therapeutic to make it viral! Love Arlene xo

Threadpainter said...

Wow ... wouldn't you just love to hit this idiot upside-the-head with a 2x4 ... what crap these 'higher level' authority figures lay down on our kids !!!!
I have had a few of these idiots that did the same to 2 of my children.
All teachers need to be screened and need to be 'revisited' in their knowledge of exactly why they are being paid !
Sorry for the rant, Lucy ... you done good !

Lynne Wilson said...

Awesome post Lucy. We all have letters like this we should write.

Thanks for sharing!