Sunday, May 5, 2013

High Cost of our desire for cheaper items

What is the real cost of things?

Is it that we have to have things?

Or..... Is there another reason?

I want to say just because it is 2 for $0.00 does not mean you have to get the 2.

Or.... Just because the shoes are only $3.00 - does not mean you have to buy 3 pairs.

If and this is a big IF - If at the end of the month you have "saved' because you now have money in the bank
 OR big item paid for like the home you are living in - then you have saved. 

But if buying all these things means you are further in debt.... then you have NOT saved at all.

One other thing right now.

Is it really worth it - when all those lives are lost, or someone's health, eyes or whatever get worse. 

Is it really worth it?

That to me - IS part of the real cost.

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Juli said...

I just voluntarily took a $400 per month pay cut. While the monetary cut was difficult, the true price of continuing at that work level was less time with my kids, less time for me, less home cooked meals, less sanity time with my husband.

So many lose the true cost of life/work/family. And so many more never know it to begin with.